East Texas Paranormal Investigations

"When I'm asked 'Are you afraid of the dark?', my answer is 'No, I'm afraid of what is in the dark." -- Barry Fitzgerald

Death: Beginning Or End?

ETPI was formed in 2005. Using modern technologies to prove or disprove paranormal activity, hauntings and other supernatural occurances. Our goals are to bring the truth to light, make the unknown, known, relieve fears and protect the innocent.

Standard Operating Procedure for research, investigation and evaluation of evidence.

  • Interviews
  • Research
  • Investigate
  • Collection and Review of Evidence
  • Report Findings
  • Educate and Counsel

Contact Information

Terry Levesque


Marcus Levesque


All calls, messages and Emails will be responded to within a few days unless the situation is deemed urgent and an immediate response is required. Households with children will be taken as priority.

East Texas Paranormal Investigations is an unbiased, legal not for profit corporation. Services are free and donations are accepted. E.T.P.I. uses the donations to update and aquire equipment and expand our abilities for research and acquiring knowledge of paranormal events.


We approach each and all reports of paranormal activity, whether it relates to personal feelings, experiences, visual sightings, auditory experiance that are unexplained, or fears that cannot be explained, hauntings and visitations, as worthy of our investigation.  In order to remain objective, we approach each case as skeptics.  Skeptics that seek truth, with honest conclusions based on research accepted by most "Paranormal Societies".  Instrumentations include but not limited to:  Video recordings, electro-magnetic field (EMF) detectors, temperature sensors, static electricity and ionization detectors, motion detectors, electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) detection and technical analysis, electric field (RF) detectors, radiation monitors, geomagnetometers, and of course, interviews with eye witnesses and the investigator's personal documented experiences.

Please assist investigators with honest answers, recording of specific activities (when, where, place, environment, history as you may know or understand it to be).  In addition, we need to know who has been there before our team; psychics, mediums, séances, occult practices (such as Ouija boards, divination, Tarot cards, etc.)  We must have access to the location in order to use our equipment and fully investigate the premises.

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